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About Me

Hi. I wanted to make this website because while I like the internet, I don't like most of the people on it. ....Maybe I shouldn't say that..... Rather, I think I simply don't like the things they post. I grew up in a time when the internet was far less centralized and far more fun. Every website looked unique and simply browsing the web felt like some kind of adventure. Such a trite thing to say, I know, but I think peoples overemphasis of this fact shows just how bad things have gotten. For me, I can recognize that aging is definitely a factor in this. I'm in my early 30's, and with that comes experience with a variety of things. To be honest, a lot of things I found whimsical when I was younger are no longer interesting. Video Games, super hero movies, etc.

"You sound depressed"

Oh, heck no. I quite enjoy life. I have 2 wonderful children and a job that I adore (most of the time). I've been through a lot of terrible things in my life, sure. That doesn't make me any less happy. It's in the past. I'm not willing to let those things define me, or make my present life miserable. I consider myself a realist, whatever that means. I only use the word "realist" because my vocabulary isn't robust enough to come up with anything else that can describe it. I feel like life is one big series of wierd stuff that happens and then you die. It's better to stay positive and remind myself how lucky I am to exist at all. I really do feel like I hit the jackpot. I was born a human being, in the United States, I am supposedly intellegent, I have everything i could ever want in regards to food, and my children are the greatest kids in the world. If you can read this, take a moment to think about what makes you lucky.

What I Do

I'm a single father, so mostly that, and things relating to that. It's the most rewarding thing in the world. I hope anybody who finds this site doesn't think I've abandoned it simply because I don't post frequently. The fact is, it's difficult to find time to write stuff for this because generally I'm doing the dad thing. I wont be posting anything regarding my kids here out of respect for their privacy. I think about how often I see parents posting their kids on social media. I wonder what those kids will think when they're older... I know I would be very angry about it, hence, I think I'll opt out until they're old enough to understand what posting a photo on the internet actually means. Other than that I just work. I'm not going to tell you what I do for a living. Sorry.


When I'm not doing dad stuff, or working, I tend to be thinking about how I can improve my house. I like to fix things. It doesn't really matter how significant the repair is, simply fixing things makes me get all warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes I make ROM Hacks, or modify video game consoles to do things they're not supposed to. What I initially envisioned for this website was to turn it into a technical guide for NES Repair since it's my forte, but I've since decided that I'd rather make that one of many things I work here.

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