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Directory of Links

There's some pretty cool stuff in here. I tried to avoid posting anything here that is explicity created by a corporation.

Last Updated: April 21st 2022

Video Games

Toaster Games -- A list of games for PC that can run on basically anything

2D Will Never die -- Dedicated to Pixel Art. has a old school internet feel that I love

Video Game Sage -- forum for video game collectors. Mostly geared toward Nintendo

Animal Crossing Community -- A wealth of Animal Crossing knowledge awaits you

NESdev -- The internet's #1 NES Development community.

Sega 8-Bit -- Dedicated to 8bit Sega games. Extremely valuable information here.

NES Coding Competition -- NES Homebrew and related stuff.

Digitama Hatchery -- Guide related to Digimon virtual pets.

Handheld Museum -- Documents Standalone Electronic games.

Disc Content -- PS1 Fansite

Improve NES Reliability -- The internets best NES repair guide.


Midi Shrine -- Various Midi files for Old Video Games and Anime

My 80's TV -- Watch TV like it's the 80's, or something.

No Homers Club -- Forum Dedicated to the Simpsons

The Simpsons Archive -- A Simpsons Database err, archive if you will.

Lard Lad -- Another interesting fansite dedicated to The Simpsons.

Bogleech.com -- repository of Spooooooky monsters!

Ghost Planet Central -- Space Ghost Coast to Coast fan site.

The Negapage -- Darkwing Duck and other awesome info

Up All Night -- Strange Media from the Turn of the Century.

Internet Stuff

Vole.wtf -- A bunch of strangeness. Possibly being used to train an AI. LMAO

Scambaiting Tools -- Don't use these unless you know what you're doing.

Some kind of 4chan history thing -- NSFW. wierdo internet history.

wiby -- Web 1.0 Search engine

By merely accessing this site you waive the right to use anything I write on it against me in perpetuity throughout the universe.

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